Base message

Base message#


All messages sent should be in valid JSON and should include all of the following fields:

  "type": <string>,                  // Type of message being sent
  "id": <unsigned 32-bit integer>    // Unique ID for this message
  "sid": <unsigned 32-bit integer>   // Source vehicle's ID
  "tid": <unsigned 32-bit integer>   // Target vehicle's ID
  "time": <unsigned 64-bit integer>  // Number of seconds since January 1, 1970 0:00:00 UTC (epoch time)

Implementing these fields#

Deprecation notice

This section will be deleted once implementation of JSON communication is finished.

  • type : string

    • This field is predefined depending on the type of message.
  • id : unsigned 32-bit integer

    • See this for information.
  • sid/tid : unsigned 32-bit integer

    • These fields are predefined for every platform. See the list of vehicle IDs for the values used for these fields.
  • time : unsigned 64-bit integer

    • See this for more information on implementing this field.

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