Jobs vs tasks

Jobs vs tasks#

A vehicle's job (or profession) describes the type of tasks it can perform.

For example, an important part of the project is the ISR Search mission. To perform this mission, the GCS look for vehicles that have an isrSearch job. By having the isrSearch job, the vehicle is stating that it is capable of performing all of the following tasks that are related to the job:

  • takeoff task
  • loiter task
  • isrSearch task
  • land task

The GCS will assign the vehicles the isrSearch job by sending them a start message. By doing this, the vehicles know that they will be performing tasks very soon. The start message has a jobType field, which will be set to isrSearch, so that the vehicles know which tasks to expect next from the GCS.

To accomplish the ISR Search mission, GCS will assign a task for the vehicle to perform (for example, takeoff task), and assigns the next after the vehicle completes the first. This goes on until the ISR Search mission is completed.

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